Thursday, October 28, 2010

Creature Feature

Halloween is just a few days away. Let's have some fun with the creatures you see a lot this time of year. How many can you guess?
Wrapped in dusty cloth.
Dreams, magic. Death becomes life.
I just want a drink.
Death faces - fake smiles.
How many are in that car?
Creepy, not funny.
Counting the minutes til night.
Suck it, just suck it.
I'm dead but hungry.
Shuffling, moaning, teeth snapping.
Just kill me again.
Robbed puzzle pieces.
Rejected by creator.
I want my own bride.
The pull of the moon.
Changing, raging, howling moon.
Waking up naked.


  1. 1. Mummy
    2. Clown
    3. Vampire
    4. Zombie
    5. Frankenstein
    6. Werewolf

  2. Yay! You are correct on all of them. Thank you for playing.